Celebrating Pearl Flutes 50th Anniversary

I've been a proud member of the Pearl Flute family for close to ten years as an artist/representative. This year marks their 50th anniversary of production. I was honored when they asked me to write this arrangement of "Happy Birthday" commemorating the event, featuring so many great Pearl Flute artists. Please check out the video below.

In Celebration of 50 years of Craftsmanship and Innovation, Pearl Flutes brings you this special video featuring the talents of our Artists from around the world!


Pearl Flutes began 50 years ago as a small group of talented craftsmen with the desire to create instruments of the highest quality and performance. Our spirit of innovation is the guiding philosophy for our company and while 5 decades have passed, each generation of craftsman has handed down the techniques and expectations for perfection. Since 1968, Pearl Flutes has grown to be an industry leader in the design and production of professional and intermediate level flutes.


We have constantly engaged in the research of flute acoustics, materials, and design to produce the finest instruments available. This standard of seeking the highest level of performance led to the design in 1972 of the Pearl Pinless Mechanism and the truly unique One-Piece Core Bar.

The resulting feel, touch, and speed from the Pearl Pinless Mechanism enhances the technical and musical potential for artists of any level. When Pearl began offering this professional level feature throughout the entire product line, including the Student and Harmony range, a new standard was set for the entire industry.


Pearl Flutes has always had a passion for achieving musical excellence by exceeding the demands of the professional player’s needs and preferences through instrument design and performance. We’re not just building a flute, we are building an instrument that is an expression and extension of your soul. For 50 years, our passion for sound quality has lead the company to innovate many features that have become the standard to which all others are compared. We look forward to the next 50 years!

Toronto 2019


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