Musical 5 à 7: Latin Flute Follies II

Unwind after work to the sounds of some of Schulich’s finest musicians in this free series in the Elizabeth Wirth Music Building Lobby. Join us for drinks at the cash bar at 5:00 p.m. and stay for the 5:30 p.m. performance.

Lisa Lorenzino, Dave Gossage, Bill McBirnie, Billy Kerr, flute; Jason Davis, bass; David Ryshpan, piano; Rodrigo Simoes, guitar and Aquiles Melo, percussion.

Works by HERMETO PASCUAL and original compositions

Toronto 2018

Brazilian Night with Bill McBirnie (Toronto) and Friends

The flute is part of latin culture and for Brazilian music did an enormous contribution to a great variety of styles. In this concert, Flute Folie, from Montréal, is receiving the great flutist Bill McBirney (Toronto) as a guest. Four flutes on stage plus rythm section. Featuring flutists Bill McBirnie, Billy Kerr, Dave Gossage and Lisa Lorenzino along with Jason Davis (bass), Rodrigo Simões (mandolin), David Ryshpan (piano) and Aquiles Melo (percussion).

Bill McBirnie - flute // Rodrigo Simoes - guitar // David Rysphan - piano // Jason David - bass // Lisa Lorenzino - flute // Billy Kerr - flute // Surprise guest - flute


Call Billy and ask him. 'Cause chances are he knows or he can!