Balto Clute (2002)

Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet Duet

Composed in 2002, Balto Clute was originally written for Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet (the title is a play on that instrumentation). New additions have been added including the following:

       Alto Flute and Bassoon - Revised/2013

       Bass Flute and Bass Clarinet – Revised/2014

       Bass Flute and Bassoon – Revised/2014

       Alto Flute and Contra Bass Flute – Revised/2014

The new editions include a newly composed alto flute cadenza and written jazz solo, giving the flutist the option to either improvise or play the written solo.

$35.00 USD each:  Includes parts and score

Score Sample

Balto Clute

Conversation for Two Baritone Saxophones

Conversation was written in 1996 for my wife, Nancy Newman. Nancy was planning a recital with baritone saxophonist, Kim Freeman, in Montreal, Canada. As far as I can remember, all the music was transcribed from other sources, and so Nancy wanted an original piece written specifically for the baritone. Kim made a specialty of playing on the top end of the horn, including the altissimo range, which became one of the elements in the first
baritone part. Kim played the top part and Nancy, the bottom.

$35.00 USD :  Includes parts and score

Score Sample

Renewed Friendship (2012)

Written for bass clarinetist, Henri Bok and his wife, tenor saxophonist, Eleri Ann Evans (Duo Hevans), “Renewed Friendship,” had its’ world premier at the FIU Music Festival in Miami Florida in November 2018.  This piece utilizes  the vocabularies of contemporary classical and jazz musics, technically challenging both performers.  


$35.00 USD :  Includes parts and score

Score Sample